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Instruments for Early Music
Sergey Sheck

Catalogue of instruments made to order:

  • Renaissance recorders
    • Garklein
    • Sopranino
    • Soprano
    • Alto (F, G)
    • Tenor
    • Bass (F)
  • Reed instruments
    • Crumhorns (S, A, B)
    • Cornamuses (S, A, T, B)
    • Rauschpfifes Cornamuses (sopranino and soprano)
  • Bagpipes
    • In the European tradition — (they are very simple and easy to play)
    • Gaita (Spain)
    • Highland bagpipes
  • Organs
    • Portable
    • Positiv
Paul McCartney with a recorder made by Sheck

One of the recorders made in Sheck's workshop is owned and used by sir Paul McCartney.

Enquiries and orders should be made to Sergei Shek at
Pricelists are available on request.
Instruction in the techniques of playing these instruments is given at Schola Cantorum (Saint-Petersburg). For further information contact Sergey Sheck:

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